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Inviting partners and product agent of wear resistant protective material

          Xiangyang City Hundred Shield Coating Material Co.,Ltd. is focused on the R&D and production of industrial equipment protective coating material for many years.The products are used in the equipment maintenance and protection of thermal power,nuclear power,garbage power, mining,mineral processing,coal mining,coal washing,coal chemical industry,metallurgy,steel mills,cement,port,glass,titanium dioxide,alumina,electrolytic aluminum,chemical,fertilizer,port dredging,pumping sand,paper making,grain depot,feed processing,gypsum board production,pharmacy,concrete mixing plant,sewage treatment plant

        The products are suitable for wear & corrosion resistant protection of the following equipment:pumps (including slurry pump,slurry circulating pump,sewage pump,jet pump,sand pump,slime pump,chemical pump etc.),valves,pipe,elbow,pipe reducer,centrifuge,magnetic separator,flotation cell,flotation column,ball mill,cone crusher,chute,mixing tank,swirler,splitter,conveyor belt,roller,fan casing and impeller,the flue,absorption tower,powder concentrator,thick powder separator,vibrating screen,material storage tank etc.

        Our main products:wear resistant coatings,wear resistant ceramic adhesives,crusher backing filling material(backing adhesives),slurry pump special protective coatings,magnetic separator special repair coating,flotation cell special protective coating,slurry circulating pump special repair coatings,desulfuration system special repairing coating.

        We have more than 18 years experience based on R&D and producing various protective coating material.Welcome worldwide customers who are interested in protective coating material to cooperate with us,we'll provide detailed technical training and technical support for your cooperation.

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